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Kode | You’ve been on the Disney Channel for years now and are starting to transition to more mature roles and subject matter with your roles in The Thinning and Anthem.  How is that change?  Do you feel like your fans are growing up with you?

Peyton | It honestly feels like a natural progression I’m growing older and so are the original Jessie fans. I feel like they are both projects that spoke to me and are more of who I am and what I like now versus when I was 12, and first auditioned for Jessie. However, I am seriously grateful for all the people who have grown up watching our show and I want to keep creating for them.

Kode | Outcasts had a pretty all-star young Hollywood cast with the likes of Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia, and Will Peltz what was that filming experience like?

Peyton | I was the only one actually in high school at the time so while they could all go party I was stuck at the hotel haha, but they were all so down to earth, embracing of everyone, and chill. We all had such a good time on set though and having a school all to ourselves with a whole classroom as our dressing room was so fun and sometimes creepy when the lights would be out in some hallways.

Kode | What can we expect from you coming up?

Peyton | I just wrapped a young adult coming of age movie based on a YA novel ‘Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet.’ I play a character Faith who loses her boyfriend and ends up coping with his best friend who saw a prophecy of the death.

Kode | Your twin brother Spencer is also an actor.  Has there ever been a sibling rivalry between you two?

Peyton | When Spencer and I were younger we would get a little competitive whenever it came to sports or video games. Now that we are older though we are the most supportive siblings and always want to see the other one get a part they really want and will run lines with each other. I think the first time we realized how much we appreciated each other was the first time we were away from each other filming something clicked and we stopped fighting after our time apart.

Kode | You juggled your senior year of high school with filming and press appearances.  How was it being a television star in high school?  Did you have a normal high school experience with homecoming games, senior prom, and etc.?

Peyton | I went to public school in Brooklyn, NY until middle school, but then with acting it became hard to make it all work with the schedule. So then it became school on set in between takes in our classrooms that were on the sound stage so that is what is normal to me. I could’ve went to prom, but honestly didn’t want to.

 Kode | Do you have plans to design clothing or become even more involved with fashion?

Peyton | I love fashion and am so passionate about it one day I would love to make my own clothing line.

 Kode | Vogue recently included you in their list of “8 Teen Styles Stars Set to Rule 2017”.  How excited were you when you found out?

 Peyton | So damn cool. I idolize everything Vogue puts out so the fact that I am one of those people they have their eye on is mind blowing. It also validates being different and continuing to play around with my style and people will take notice.

Kode | Speaking of style, what trend do you want everyone to leave in 2016?  What are you feeling for 2017?

Peyton | Over sized chokers, floppy hats, and matching print crop top/skirt sets. I am loving the fishnet socks and tights under jeans, printed oversized denim jackets, and 90’s shades.

 Kode | What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind?  Any guilty pleasures?

 Peyton | I love to eat Nutella straight out of the jar while binge watching something, or a hot bath after a long day.

 Kode | Do you have any hidden talents that your fans don’t know about?

 Peyton | They know so much about me, but I don’t think they know I used to run track when I was younger and ran really fast 100m dash.


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